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G2R Burn Mountain Bike Challenge - 240Km

03 – 04 November 2017

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18h00–20h00 at Kamelruhe Guesthouse Namibia

All entrants will be required to register at Kamelruhe Guesthouse on 3 November 2017 by 6pm to collect their numbers.

There will be various Pasta meals available to purchase at the Guesthouse for the evening at a cost of R130 per person. All riders’ meal for the Friday night is inclusive of their entry fees. (Under 6 year eat for free served with other meals)

Race Briefing & Dinner

Dinner will be between 19h00 and 20h00 & Race Briefing will Start at 20h00


4h00 – 04 November 2017 – Solo & teams

8h00 – 60Km Ride & 30Km Ride

From Kamelruhe Guesthouse in Gochas (map attached to Guesthouse)

Water Points

All Water points will be managed by people in our community. All the riders will  be able vote by the end of the race for the best water point of the day! All the water points, stand a chance to win the prize for the best water point.


The Finish will be back at the Kamelruhe Guesthouse.

All riders must complete the route by 17h00, 04 November 2017 – cut off time.

Each rider that completes the race will receive a hamburger and soft-drink or beer at the finish.

Prize-giving will take place at 18h00 at Kamelruhe Guesthouse on the 04th  of November.

We will host a lamb-braai at the guesthouse, everyone is welcome at R180 per person for delicious Namibian comfort food! All riders’ food is inclusive of their entry fees.

Entry Categories and Fees

  1. Solo Men N$ 750.00
  2. Solo Ladies N$ 750.00
  3. Solo Master Men/Ladies N$ 750.00
  4. 2 Men & Ladies Team N$ 750pp
  5. 2 Men Mix Team N$ 750pp
  6. 4 Men/ Ladies Team N$ 750pp
  7. 4 Men Mix Team N$ 750pp
  8. 60Km Men/Ladies N$ 350
  9. 30Km Fun Ride N$ 250 ( Excluding all Meals )
  10. Charity 240Km Race (No Restrictions on Group Size) 6 and more people N$ 100.00pp (Excluding all Meals)

Stage Routes and Rider Participation

We will be doing a complete different route than previous years. All change overs of stages will start and finish at Kamelruhe guest house.

Stage 1: Kamelruhe to Katzensteg (East over the dunes) and back to Kamelruhe (+/-44km)
Stage 2: Kamelruhe to Karam (West over the dunes) and back to Kamelruhe (+/-48km)
Stage 3: Kamelruhe to Bremen (South, down the Auob River) and back to Kamelruhe (+/-60km)
Stage 4: Kamelruhe to Nu-Aub (North, up the Auob River) and back to Kamelruhe (+/-54km)

Solo Riders

Solo Men
Solo Ladies
Solo Master Men/Ladies

2 Man Team Rider Change-over at Checkpoints

2 Man teams – Nominated rider 1 will start the race, once the nominated rider arrives at stage end, he/she must register at the official desk. Only then may the next team rider depart on the following stage.

2 Man Teams

• Stage 1 – Nominated Rider 1
• Stage 2 – Nominated Rider 2
• Stage 3 – Nominated Rider 1
• Stage 4 – Nominated Rider 2

4 Man Team Rider Change-over at Checkpoints

4 Man teams – Nominated rider 1 will start the race. Once nominated rider 1 has completed stage 1 (Water/check point at Kamelruhe Guest House) only then may the next nominated team rider 2 depart for stage 2. The nominated rider must register arrival at the official desk at the first water/check point. Thereafter the teams’ next nominated rider may depart.

4 Man Teams

Single riders to complete each stage

• Stage 1 – Rider 1
• Stage 2 – Rider 2
• Stage 3 – Rider 3
• Stage 4 – Rider 4

60Km & 30Km Rides

60Km Ride Checkpoints (Bremen)
30Km Ride Checkpoints (Water point for 60km ride)
Charity 240Km Race (No Restrictions on Group Size) 6 and more people

Entry Fee N$100.00 pp


Entry Fee includes Race Number, Goody bag, End of race drink, Hamburger and all refreshments at the water points!
The Charity race category has to dress up for the race and stand a chance to win the price for the best dressed team of the day!

Helmets and Protective Gear

Riders should wear a helmet that’s properly fastened whenever he/she is riding. Helmets must comply with international safety standards as specified by ‘ANSI’ or ‘SNELL’. Riders found riding without a helmet at any time during the event will be disqualified and asked to discontinue the race immediately.


Be sure your bike is in good mechanical order. Mechanical needs during the race will be the responsibility of the riders. Riders must start and finish with the same bike. No more than one bike per rider is allowed.

Race Number

All bikes should have the rider’s race number attached to the front of the bike. The race number board must be visible from the front and free from obstructions. Riders on bikes without a race number at the front will not be allowed into the start zone to start. The race number must be fitted securely and stay there for the duration of the event. It is each rider’s responsibility to check that he/she has the correct number attached to the bike as the back of the race number has specific personal information of the rider.


Once the sweep vehicle has departed from the Checkpoint location, the race registers will be checked and the race officials will confirm that no rider is still out on the preceding stage. All infrastructures will be removed and transported to the finish zone.

Water Points

Water points will be set up at +/- every 30km, (double up as checkpoints) which will mark the stages. The officials at the water/check points will also be where you need to check in and ensure you register with them at every point. They will be controlled by the organizers of the G2R Burn Mountain Bike Challenge. Water will be available at these points.

Rider change over MUST take place at the Water/check points and register with the officials at each points.

Time Limitations & Cut-off Times

Time limitations/Cut-off times:

The event finishes at 17h00 on Saturday 04 November 2017.

Age Restrictions

Solo Entries: No under 18
4, 2 Person and tandem team entries: No under 16
60Km & 30Km Ride: No age restrictions

Social Riders

The G2R Burn Mountain Bike Challenge is considered quite extreme due to the terrain, area and the climate, and offers an exciting challenge to all participants. Safety of all riders and crew under these extreme conditions is paramount. Therefore non-entered riders cycling along the route will not be allowed.

Support Vehicles

Support Vehicles may ONLY stop at checkpoints.

To Ensure Safety of all participants strict rules apply to this aspect of the event:

  1. Only ONE support vehicle per rider
  2. Towing of trailers by support vehicles are allowed.
  3. All registered support vehicles will depart from the Start Zone at the latest 30 minutes prior to the 4h00 start of the race. – Please note that we need the vehicles to go out as far ahead of the riders as possible by the start of the race, in order to let the dust settle, as the dust tends to hang thickly that time of the morning and we need to consider the riders visibility as it will also be dark. So if your support vehicle can go out an half an hour before the start that would be ideal.
  4. They will proceed to the 1st Checkpoint location at the 30km water point.
  5. NO vehicles will be permitted to travel back against the direction of the route (unless in a case of emergency)
  6. Please be aware of Buck, Kudus, Donkeys, Horses on the roads!
  7. Once the team rider has departed, the support vehicle will leave the Checkpoint location and travel to the following Checkpoint location.
  8. Support vehicles will be permitted to stop along the route, to render assistance to the riders (except giving the rider another bike, or picking up the rider will not be permitted)
  9. All team litter and refuse is to be removed by the support vehicle responsible for that team.
  10. Speeds of support vehicles are to be kept to a maximum of 40km when passing riders and 60km p/h when travelling on ‘clear’ roads.

Medical & Safety

The registration process requires that personal medical information be submitted. This information section must be completed in full in order to validate your registration. All medical information will be treated confidentially for use by the nominated G2R Burn Mountain Bike Challenge Medical support. All riders must be in possession of a valid medical insurance. Consult with your medical aid provider and ascertain whether your specific policy offers financial cover for an emergency in this type of event. This is compulsory. All teams should be in possession of an emergency (travel) medical kit in order to take care of their own minor injuries.

There will be a medical doctor on route for medical support – in case of severe emergencies.


Event officials will be present at the start zone, water/checkpoints, and back at finish point.

Officials will handle:

•the stage completion register at every water/checkpoint – PLEASE NOTE it is the responsibility of the RIDER to ensure that you register with the official at each checkpoint.

•Reporting of any grievances or issues relating to the rules of the event. Reporting of any instances whereby riders may have shown need of assistance (the officials will then liaise with the emergency services to ensure that necessary assistance was/ has been carried out)

•the officials will have communication between the checkpoints.

Road Safety

The route utilizes national and public roads of Namibia.

Rules of the road are to be heeded at all times.

No exceptions, privileges or leniency to the rules of the road apply.

All riders and drivers are to adhere to the rules of the road at all times.

Keeping to the left side of the road is to be adhered to strictly.


All drivers of support vehicles are to drive at a considerate speed (40km/ph.) with regards to the minimizing of dust and stones.
All cyclists should have a red rear light fixed to either the bike or cyclist that is visible to a vehicle travelling behind the rider, which should be switched on at dusk and dawn.
No part of the rider or bike should obscure the visibility of this light.


All teams/ drivers must be 100% familiar with the event rules. Any rider/driver contravening the rules will result in their team being disqualified from the event.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

The Closing date for all entries will be the 20th of October 2016 – due to the late closing date, there will be no cancellations accepted and no refunds paid out should you decide not to partake in the race after the 20th of October 2016.


There are many accommodation options in Gochas, from rooms, B&B to a campsite with ablution blocks with warm showers.

Kamelruhe Guesthouse & Camping
• Elize with enquiries – +264 63 250224 or +264 81 321-7480

Stoney’s Country Hotel
• Tel: +264 63 250237

Auob Lodge & Camping
• Tel:      +264 61 374750


Any further queries – please contact Elize Wiese at +264 63 250224 or +264 81 321-7480



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